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Tests Vsti(Instruments Virtuels)et Vst(Effets)avec VIDEO!


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Bonjour tous,je vous proposes ici des Tests Video de Vsti5instruments Virtuels)et Vst(Effets)Gratuit et Payant :



Tests proposé :

*Test Fabfilter One (Payant)

*Test GSI Watcat (Gratuit)

*Test SPL Free Ranger (Gratuit)

*Test PureMagnetik Guitar Rack Vol 2 (Payant)

*Test Blue Cat's Phaser (Gratuit)

*Test Blue Cat's Flanger (Gratuit)

*Test Tal Elek7ro (Gratuit)

*Test Izotope Ozone 4 (Payant)

*Test LFX-1310 Luxonix (Gratuit)

*Test Orca Fxpansion (Gratuit)

*Test Redline Reverb 112 db (Payant)

*Test FixedNoise Kreate (Payant)

*Test Vintage Voltage Masterbits Sampletank (Payant)

*Test Tonehammer Forgotten Voices (Payant)

*Test Kontakt Experience Native Instruments ( payant)

*Test Octopus linplug (Payant)

*Test Chip32 Apulsoft (Gratuit)

*Test Ticky Clav (Gratuit)

*Test Cheeze Machine Big tick Audio (Gratuit)

*Test M-TRON Gforce (Payant)

*Test T-Racks 3 Vintage Compressor IK-MULTIMEDIA (Payant)

*Test T-Racks 3 Classic EQ IK-MULTIMEDIA (Payant)

*Test Effectrix Sugar Bytes ( Payant)

*Test Bundle SoundHack ( Gratuit)

*Test T-Racks 3 Multiband Limiter ( Payant)

*Test Electric Ableton Live Suite ( Payant)

*Test Circle FAW ( Payant)

*Test Gladiator 2 Tone2 ( Payant)(9 Videos!!!)

*Test Ohmforce Cohmpost ( Gratuit)

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